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Hounds and Nymphs of Artemis

Sunday, September 25, 2005

12:18PM - everyone with large animals should know

I don't usually post political things, but this really has me disturbed. Does anyone else know anything about this? It's something that anyone here who has livestock or plans to get livestock should read.

since this act includes animals from Horses to Chickens, and applies even if you only own one of the specified animals.

This is the explanation of the problem on someone's private site:


You may have to paste the link in two pieces; sorry.

And here's the official stuff:


This is scary stuff. I mean having to register your farm with the USDA even if you only have one horse? I can understand the need to control infectious disease, but this seems really super invasive, and a good way to put local small farms out of business.


sorry if this is x-posted like mad, I just found out and think everyone should know

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Monday, June 6, 2005

5:57PM - Call to Congressman can help stop horse slaughter

Please see Urgent---Horse Slaugter on the following United Animal Nations site...

This is vital for American horses not to be sold overseas for horse meat.  Slaughter is terrifying and brutal.  Please help by calling your congressman. You can find that number at 202-224-3121.

You can say what your name is, what city you are calling from and that you are calling to vote YES on the upcoming Sweeney-Sprat agriculture amendment to stop horse slaughter.

Information is at info@uan.org

Thanks so much....woof...

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Fuck Denver City Council and their fucking mayor.

I guess everyone knows that in Denver the animal control officers are going to people's homes, asking for their Bully dogs. If they don't hand them over, they can be arrested. This is insane, isn't it against the constitution, to demand by threat of incarceration, that you hand over your puppy or dog to be gased when it hasn't done anything to anyone except be a breed that the media has terrorized the public over for hype?

I am foaming at the mouth... sounds so much like fucking conservative, Bush whiners who demonstrate by overkill as in Iraq. Sounds like prejudice toward people who don't have the resources to fucking move out of town, sounds like a fucking purple herring. I hope this backfires so far up their fucking asses that they choke it on it.

If anyone would care to let the city council know what you think about their grand idea of rounding up every Bully breed in Denver and killing them, below are their emails. 

rick.garcia@ci.denver.co.us, jeanne.faatz@ci.denver.co.us,
rosemary.rodriguez@ci.denver.co.us, peggy.lehmann@ci.denver.co.us,
marcia.johnson@ci.denver.co.us, charlie.brown@ci.denver.co.us,
kathleen.mackenzie@ci.denver.co.us, elbra.wedgeworth@ci.denver.co.us,
judy.montero@ci.denver.co.us, jeanne.robb@ci.denver.co.us,
michael.hancock@ci.denver.co.us, carol.boigon@ci.denver.co.us,
linkhartatlarge@ci.denver.co.us, dencc@ci.denver.co.us,

John W. Hickenlooper
1437 Bannock St., Ste. 350
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (720) 865-9000
Fax: (720) 865-8791
E-mail: MileHighMayor@ci.denver.co.us

Thank you  daisyfair  for the above addresses....

Please Denver, go after the anti-social predator, dog-fighters and not the dogs...get the fucking horse in front to the cart, not behind it....growllllllll......

Thursday, May 12, 2005

2:57PM - Please help....woof, woo...

Denver's Pit Bull Ban Unfair to Dogs and Guardians

An unjust ban on pit bulls in Denver, Colo. is forcing hundreds of loving guardians to move out of the city or give up their beloved companion animals. Enacted in April, the ban gave guardians only 30 days to remove their dogs from the city or face prosecution. The May 9 deadline has already passed, and many pit bulls relinquished by their guardians to Denver Animal Control have already been put to death.

Denver's breed-specific ban unfairly discriminates against pit bulls and their guardians based on the myth that this breed is naturally vicious. In truth, pit bulls are no more violent than other popular dog breeds. In a recent study by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS), pit bulls were actually found to be less aggressive than both beagles and golden retrievers on a range of behavioral measures. This is consistent with the experiences of many people who adopt pit bulls and find that they are good with children.

Unfortunately, some people exploit pit bulls by deliberately training them for dog fighting rings, fueling the misconceptions about their natural disposition. In enacting a ban on pit bulls, the Denver City Council is making scapegoats out of misunderstood animals. They are taking harmless dogs away from loving guardians while doing nothing to protect the public or stop the real problem of dog fighting. Those who abuse pit bulls are already breaking the law, and will most likely keep their dogs hidden inside rather than surrender them willingly.

- Click here to send an automatic email urging the Denver City Council to reverse the ban on pit bulls and enact a dangerous dog law that would realistically protect the public. A dangerous dog law would hold individual guardians responsible for their dog's behavior, regardless of the breed, and enforce heavy fines or jail time for guardians whose dogs engage in violent behavior.

- If you or someone you know lives in Denver and has a pit bull, contact rita@idausa.org for help placing the dog in a temporary foster home.

- If you live in the Denver metro area, contact rita@idausa.org to join the effort to reverse the pit bull ban and restore the rights of guardians and their animal companions to live in the city of Denver.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Hi, I'm hoping it's OK for me to post about a rescue? I work with an orphan foal rescue called Casey Creek Horse Rescue and Adoption (www.orphanfoals.org), a 501c3 not for profit with a focus on nurse mare foals.

Right now...well...it's foaling season and this year has been a really good year for high dollar babies, apparently, and CCHRA has a barn full of foals...19 today and one of the NM farms says they have more coming this weekend. They are really desperate for adopters.

These babies are 3-5 days old, on the average, when they leave their mothers. At CCHRA they are trained to a bucket and halter. Although the rescue itself is in Kentucky, the foals have been adopted all over the US from Oregon to Texas to Maryland and everywhere inbetween. Some of these babies have grown up to be used for mountain rescue, therapy horses, barrel racers, trail horses (both personal and professional) and one appears to be headed to the next Olympics. Plus, they just make great horses. Mine, a TWH/Belgian cross (gaited draft...very nice) is the easiest horse I've ever worked with, very mellow (my husband intends to train her for cavalry reenactment) and at 1500 lbs and never needing more than maintenance visits from the vet - she is an excellent statement that orphan foals grow up healthy, happy and hearty.

These foals are excellent for folks interested in natural horsemanship or in rescue. They have an innate focus on humans for guidance, and are very responsive to natural training methods. They do need to be raised on a bucket, but there is a yahoogroup tied to CCHRA (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FoalRescue/) that offers a great deal of support and encouragement, most of us there are past adopters.

Please check this rescue out and feel free to cross post this information, share with your email list, post to groups or other communities. Until the foals in the barn are adopted, no more can be brought in and that means some foals will go to the kill barn. Help out if you can! Thank you.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

4:02PM - Movies

I've heard some good things about "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy"movie and I'm still trying to plug "The









Wednesday, March 9, 2005

5:43PM - You can help stop puppy mills....please....woof, woof.

Please see below site to help stop the puppy mill business. Post anywere and everywhere...woof, woof..


Friday, January 7, 2005

8:25AM - disturbing stuff

Virginia is for lovers? I think not.
VA Legislative Sentry: Have a Miscarriage, Go to JAIL? snagged from ubsa
I'm usually not this crude in my lj (yeah right), but my solution: everybody send used menstrual products to legislator Cosgrove's office. Then he could count how many potential lives he's saved. (sarcasm)
I'm pretty sure shipping biological material is illegal or surely you need special regulation, lol...but it's a thought.

Also, for everybody living in Washington State:
Do you know about this?
"Shawnna Hughes divorced her abusive husband. But four days later a judge revoked her divorce because Shawnna Hughes was pregnant-- and pregnant women in Washington, according to this judge, can't get divorced.."
sent to me by ashton_blaze awhile back. here is also an interesting discussion about this:http://www.livejournal.com/users/kobold/323091.html

x-posted to my lj
I'd like to post more often here. things have been rather crazy. i've been gathering links and articles about domestic violence, sexual and psychological abuse, and a bunch of other things "near and dear" to me, lol...i will do a post of them sometime soon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

5:18PM - Yay Yoo-hoo for surviving and drawing media attention about domestic violence and animal abuse...

I received a newsletter from our local animal shelter. There was a picture of a "Carolina Singing Dog" on the front. I noticed his nose looked a little off center as I read about him. Her owner's ex-husband had stabbed him  in the chest, back and legs. He almost cut his nose off before she was able to escape and hide. Before he turned his rage on Yoo-hoo he beat the hell out of Yoo-hoo's owner and almost killed her. Yoo-hoo recovered from his severe injuries and is happily living with his owner.  The Asheville Humane Society worked with police and the DA's office to prosecute Yoo-hoos's attacker. It is a two year prison term and hefty fines. Plus he is now a convicted felon, which he will have to put on employment applications. Our shelter brought 44 cases of cruelty and/or abandonment to court and won all but one.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

9:56AM - these animals need our help ... not our hate

Please take a look at this video Here (this video is not for the faint of heart) my mom was terrified of Pit-bulls and when she watched this short video she cried all the way thru and afterwards she gave my Pit-bull/lab cross a hug and told me she understands what's going on now.

If you own the breed of dog known as the "Pit-bull", or you would like to know more about them this community is for you. It is here to talk about anything Pit-bull related. I'm starting this communtiy because of the recent Pit-bull ban in Ontario, I own a Pit-bull/Lab cross which is dominated by mostly Pit and I am outraged by the Ontario wide Pit-bull ban, I hope to inform others of this breed and their actual nature. Please help get rid of this horrible stereotype.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

4:26PM - Good news!

From the AP:

A federal judge has issued a major decision for Hanford downwinders. Judge William F. Nielsen says plutonium-making in the mid-1940s was an "abnormally dangerous" activity that put thousands of people in Eastern Washington at risk for thyroid disease, They were exposed to radioactive iodine-131 from the Hanford nuclear reservation. Nielsen's ruling means that plaintiffs alleging harm from Hanford emissions won't have to prove that government contractors acted recklessly when they chemically separated uranium to make plutonium for nuclear bombs. The contractors are DuPont de Nemours Inc. and General Electric Company. Washington state law imposes strict liability for abnormally dangerous or ultra-hazardous activities. Nielsen says if the activity is abnormally dangerous -- quote -- "then the defendants may be held strictly liable for plaintiffs' damages, regardless of whether defendants exercised the utmost care in the conduct of their activities at Hanford." The contractors' attorney says the decision is fundamentally wrong. Kevin van Wart of Chicago says the ruling merits an appeal.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

5:04PM - a little humor for a somber occasion

as serious as election time is here, many of my friends are posting this! Sooooo, i thought that other folks here might like to try it just for fun! remember to smile... afterall, we still can buy chocolate....^_~

Your Election Campaign by dshaw
Political leaning
Your running-matebev220
The current presidentdaytodaze
The current vice-presidentstupid_one12
Your election slogan"Kill them all!"
People who love you the mostthe wealthy 1%
A flipfloppable subjectwar in Iraq
The name of your presidential dogAristide
Your total funding$4,746,066
Your chance of success: 69%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Friday, September 10, 2004

5:58PM - When will it STOP???

A Snohomish County Drug Task Force helicopter found a one-acre plot of marijuana hidden in a wooded area on the Tulalip Indian Reservation. The plot was well-tended with garden hoses delivering water from a nearby creek. Some of the plants removed yesterday were ten feet tall.

I'm so goddamn sick and tired of these stupidass pot busts. Can we just LEGALIZE it please, and stop wasting our fucking time and money???

Current mood: goddamnfuckingannoyed

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

1:29PM - I am new here

And I was just reading through this journal, at all the entries.
I saw that a man was sent to jail for killing a kitten.
Why can't there be something done about killing two beautiful dogs?
No matter how many letters we have sent in about this cruel by-law, there is still nothing done about it.
I am glad that I am living where I am now. But that doesn't help Mark and his friends that are still in Cape Breton, with a dog killer livng close on hand.
What does one do to help a friend have a man put in jail for the loss of his kids?
I just have so much anger built up inside of me about it all, and I just needed to protest about it somewhere's where it looks like others have the same belief's for me. I am getting tired of people leaving me comments saying, basically, that it's ok to kill pets, especially since there is a by-law saying that it's ok, and if there hasn't been anything done about it now, maybe they deserved to die.
No animal deserves to die, especially Labradour Retrievers :(
No one needs to reply to this entry, I just needed to vent about it.

Current mood: crappy

Thursday, September 2, 2004

11:35PM - WARNING: Sadness and outrage ahead...

I feel bad even posting all this, but I'm just horrified by it all.

From the AP:

Witnesses say someone tossed two kittens from a car window while driving on Portland's Fremont Bridge. One kitten, a male, was brought into Dove Lewis Animal Hospital last night at about 6 p-m. Hospital officials say he had scraped toes and some soft-tissue damage. The second kitten was brought in this morning, covered with fleas, cigarette butts and gravel. Doctors say that female kitten is in critical condition with head trauma and an abdominal hernia. She's undergoing surgery tonight. Jennifer Smieja, the woman who brought in the second kitten, says she'll adopt the animal.

Two men who shot and killed a dog using a bow and arrow were found guilty today of felony animal cruelty. Pierce County Superior Court Judge Thomas Felnagle said 19-year-old Troy Loney of Tacoma and 21-year-old Steven Paulson of Wilkeson were inconsistent and lacked credibility in their explanation of why they killed the stray Siberian Husky last spring. They tied the dog to a tree and killed it on March 8th near Wilkeson Elementary School. Prosecutors had claimed they re-used the same arrow multiple times. Loney said they shot the dog only twice to put it down after they couldn't find a home for it. The men will be sentenced October first. They face a year in prison. The defense lawyer had called the killing unfortunate but said there was no intent to make the dog suffer.

The State Patrol has tracked down the driver of a pickup truck that dropped 30 dead chickens on Highway 14 at Vancouver. Trooper Garvin March says a 63-year-old Camas man will be cited for allowing his load to escape -- a 194-dollar fine. A witness got the license number Tuesday after the tail gate opened and the chickens fell out. The driver was taking them from a farm where they had died of heat.

Wildlife officials say three cougar cubs may have to be killed if no home is found for them. The cubs were found August 21st in the backyard of a home at Duvall. They are being held at a PAWS shelter.

Circus animals will parade through the streets of Everett on September 15th. The city council has approved the parade by the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. It will hold performances September 16th through 19th at the Everett Events Center.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

6:48PM - another insane inhumane stupidity

Dear Friend,

We sent an alert yesterday regarding the screening of "Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat" at the Toronto International Film Festival. By the looks of the replies from the film festival (see below), it appears that no further action is necessary. We find their assurances to be acceptable.

After we have the opportunity to see the film we will find out if this truly is the case. If necessary we will inform you to take action.

Screening a documentary at a film festival isn't the issue at hand. Disguising cruelty as artistic expression is. We urge everyone to act against the cruelties that inspired "Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat" and do what they can to prevent similar acts of cruelty in the future. Contact In Defense of Animals at IDA@IDAUSA.org for more information on what you can do.

Thank you to all who wrote. We appreciate all that you do for animals.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

2:26PM - Ducks win one in California

Yay, California Assembly approved  Senate Bill 1520,  "craming food down a duck's mouth in not only unnecesary, it is also inhumane"  Senator  Burton stated. If this bill is passed it will make it unlawful to sell or produce foie gras...over 15 nations have outlawed it, Isreal the most recent.  www.StopForceFeeding.com.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

2:15PM - this is quite disturbing

From the AP:

The Environmental Protection Agency says the Port Gamble S'Klallama Indian Tribe isn't being overexposed to pollutants from the landfill on its land. After a three-year study, the E-P-A reports that the levels of arsenic, mercury, nickel and other substances in tribal members are within acceptable limits.

**I don't think I want "acceptable" levels of all that crap in me! I guess they'll all be scratching their heads when these people start dying of cancer and having kids with birth defects.


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Thursday, August 19, 2004


Wow, I was relieved to hear both from leeeleee and maynighsage .  Now I can go back to worrying about the other 1000 things I think about each day....One more day unitl my vacation. Yahhooooooo

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


i've been thinking of maynightsage  a lot....has anyone heard from her?  woof woof.....

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